Welcome to Kilaphotos …..taking photography to the EXTREME…..


1. 2017 Gascoyne Dash:- http://kilaphotos.com/off-road-racing/2017-gascoyne-dash-scrutineering 

2. Westcoast Dance Festival 2017 Link:- http://kilaphotos.com/dance-competition-2017

(Photos will start to be loaded up from 19th April)

 3. See whats on in Perth and WA http://kilaphotos.com/whats-on Over the next year.





   Kilaphotos…..taking photography to the EXTREME….



Based in Western Australia after Emigrating from England in 1988, with over 25 years experience in providing exceptionally high Quality Engineering and Commercial Photography to Oil, Gas and Mining Industry, along with Event, Sporting and Fashion Photography.


 Working closely with Businesses, Clients and Event Organiser, TV Networks Nationally and Internationally, local Media and relevant Magazine’s, to get the best high quality Photos and coverage.

Photos for Events can be are uploaded to the website for competitors and the general public to view and purchase or can be posted to a secure area on the website to be purchased and down loaded.


Contact:-   Andrew Kilburn

Mobile:- (+61) 0419048005    

E-mail:- Kilaphotos@outlook.com   


Commercial Photography - http://kilaphotos.com/commercial

• Pre-Delivery / Delivery

• Construction Recording

• Progress Recording

• SIT Recording

• Inspection

• Investigation

• Fabrication

• Installation

• Advertising

• Office Personal

• Promotional

• Commercial

• Event Photography


 Clients Include:-

 Healthway Western Australia

 White Knuckle Promotions

 Petroleum Club of WA

 ASU (Australian Services Union)

 Chevron ABU (ICON, FMC, GE, AME) 

 JP Kenny's (Woodside)


 DEFS (Fire and Emergency Services Perth WA)


Event Photography:-

 • WA Off-Road Racing 

• WA Quit Forest Rallies

• WA Quit Targa Rallies

• Formula 1 Grand Prix (Melbourne)

• V8 Super Cars

• Sailing

• Rowing

• Running / Walking / Triathlons / Marathons


• 'A' Listed Events

• Location Photography

Sporting Events include:-


WA Offroad Racing        - CAMS Silver Accreditation - http://kilaphotos.com/off-road-racing 

WA Quit Forest Rally's  - CAMS Silver Accreditation - http://kilaphotos.com/forest-rally 

WA Quit Targa Rally's   - CAMS Silver Accreditation - http://kilaphotos.com/targa-rallies 

Formula 1 Grand Prix    -  http://kilaphotos.com/formula-1 

V8 Supercars (WA)   -   http://kilaphotos.com/v8-s 

World Championship Sailing - http://kilaphotos.com/tasar-sailing 

Rowing Champianships -  http://kilaphotos.com/rowing-wa 

WAFL (Umpires)  - http://kilaphotos.com/wafl-1 

Hydrofoil Kiting  -  http://kilaphotos.com/hydrofoil-1   


Studio Fashion and Portrait Photography 

Studio and location Shoots - http://kilaphotos.com/studio 

 Portfolio - http://kilaphotos.com/portfolio-s 


Contact information and Costs :-

Andrew Kilburn

Mobile  (+61) (0)419048005

E-Mail:-  Kilaphotos@outlook.com